Self-Expression/Creations & Social Acceptance/Recognition

Intelligence. Dynamic self-expression. Performative. Creativity. Offspring. Growth. Consistency. Organization. Decoration. Staging.

The biggest gains. The trophy. The award. The promotion. The titles. Someone you look up to. Elder sibling. External validation. Social network. Big group.

The Interplay

Intelligence and creativity drive social recognition. Self-expression is key to having a big following. In many cultures the offsprings are expected to behave in such a way as to bring social validation. Often the main purpose of decoration and staging is to receive validation. And social acceptance furthers the self-expression and creations. Social recognition is often the biggest motivator for creativity and growth. Both ends of the axis need each other to reach their highest potentials.

As the Primary Polarity Pair

Self-Expression/Creations (UPTIGHT) and Social Acceptance/Recognition (FALSE)

A security paradigm in self-expression/creations can make an individual to believe that their creativity can reign supreme without needing social recognition. Without feedback, they are their own compass. Or they may take social validation for granted. The path of their consciousness will have to take the turn where their creation no longer looks perfect, and external feedback needs to be embraced to guide them.

Self-Expression/Creations (FALSE) and Social Acceptance/Recognition (UPTIGHT)

A security paradigm in social acceptance/recognition can make the individual live for external validation. For them, social acceptance is paramount and without it, their sense of survival is threatened. Over time, they will need to see the hollowness of social feedback which is not based on Indvidual substance. They will need to understand social politeness for what it is. At this point, personal growth will be spurred and the recognition they receive will be more substantiative.