Solvable Problems & Freedom

The enemy. The challenges. The obstacles. The delays. The diseases. The complications. The trappings. The stress. Life on earth.

The loss. The expense. The letting go. The charity. The investment. The vacation. The internet. The retreats. Off the grid. The escape. Sleep. Meditation. Contemplation. Liberation.

The Interplay

The enemy causes loss. Challenges need spending to overcome them. Stress needs vacation. Life on earth demands freedom. Compromising any of the investment, spending, vacation, charity, sleep, meditation, contemplation causes the most ubiquitous problem there is, “life on earth”.

As the Primary Polarity Pair

Solvable Problems (UPTIGHT) and Freedom (FALSE)

A security paradigm in solvable problems means the individual looks at everything as a problem that needs to be solved. They are the ones who find it hard to relax. They may be the workaholics, or the ones who assume responsibility for everything. Well, one day the workaholism will feel it’s simply not working out. Thats the day they will explore the territory of letting go. The much-needed replenishment maybe hard to get, but the lesson needs to be learnt.

Solvable Problems (FALSE) and Freedom (UPTIGHT)

A security paradigm in freedom means the individual is always looking at the return on any investment. Even the investment of their energy. Every spending is not meant to fetch a return. That’s where the learning is. They will realize one day to work without worrying about the results. Working for the sake of process, not for the results.