Playing in the Habitats

Habitat Social

Social network with a context. Social network streamlined by the individual’s habits. Making peer level connections. Connections and activities that empower each other’s growth in emotional intelligence.

The present is defining the future, with each passing moment. The individual is a product of their habits, they say. All the habits, the good and the bad, that can go into forming the causality chain that defines the present and the future. It’s the bad habits that keep the primary polarity pair unbalanced. Breaking the bad habits is nothing but the redirecting of the feelings associated with an undesirable result to the feelings associated with a desirable result. Breaking the bad habits is nothing but abandoning the train of the causality chain that is heading to an undesirable result and hopping on the train of the causality chain that is heading to a desirable result.

Can the bad habits be broken? Is there freedom? Enumeration of all the possible habits and understanding their creation, and especially focusing on the management of bad habits, goes a long way in fueling the growth of emotional intelligence.

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Habitat Personal

Personalizing the set of all habits. What are your habits?

What habits do you relate to, subjectively identify with? Then, the question of, how to identify your habits objectively?

Polling the connections in Habitat Social does inject some objectivity into the personalization of habits, but not entirely. INSIDERS employs feedback from an expert panel as an additional means of objective identification of your habits. And there is an out of the box method to identify a pure objective baseline as well. How do you relate to this attempt towards objective identification of your habits? How do you prioritize habits for your focus?

There is a deep personal journey that can be had here. A journey of self-discovery, acceptance and growth. A growth of emotional intelligence.

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Habitat Mentorial

Connections with a role model. A mentor accomplished in the habits that you are focused on. A mentor with insights and strategies about breaking away from your prioritized bad habits. A mentor to guide you in the journey of growth in emotional intelligence, which in turn helps you to take control of your default narrative.

The other side of the coin, connections with mentees that need role models of your kind. For you to be the guiding light for others, to share the insights about the habits you are accomplished in, to be an agent of change.

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