Foundation/Happiness & Great Deeds

The deepest. Psychology. Feelings. Receptive. Passive. The feminine (side). Mother. Safe haven. Home. Bank balance. Treasure.

The doing. Actions. The masculine (side). Father. Leadership. Competency. The highest.

The Interplay

To accomplish great deeds, what is necessary is a strong foundation. Good feelings bring forth good work. Needless to say, great deeds lay the foundation for good things and happy feelings.

As the Primary Polarity Pair

Foundation/Happiness (UPTIGHT) and Great Deeds (FALSE)

A security paradigm in Foundation/Happiness can make somebody stick to their comfort zone. A lot, actually. It is difficult for them to get out of the safe space and take risks. It is a matter of time before they are forced out of the castle to do the battle out in the open. Showing leadership will feel foreign to them. But from this experience should come the ability to be truly happy and enjoy their safe space.

Foundation/Happiness (FALSE) and Great Deeds (UPTIGHT)

A security paradigm in Great Deeds means they will measure themselves by their work and abilities. They will be raw in expressing their emotions, clueless about opening up to their first feelings. As can be expected, a time will come when their actions betray them, only to give them a chance to develop their feminine side. Once this happens, their greater deeds will start flowing freely.