Responsibilities & Vulnerabilities

Adding value to others. The resources that we need to fulfill our responsibilities. The money. The food. The possessions. The people we take responsibility for. The family. The friends.

The bolt from the blue. The flaws. The failures. The chronic issues. The unexpected. The sudden rise and the fall. The partner’s money. The trust. The devotion. The spiritual technique. The transformation. The mystical. The lottery.

The Interplay

Taking responsibility is by far the best counterattack on our vulnerability. That is because we raise our capabilities through taking on responsibilities and a more capable person is a less vulnerable person. By the same token, focusing on our vulnerability entails transformation into a more capable and responsible person.

As the Primary Polarity Pair

Responsibilities (UPTIGHT) and Vulnerabilities (FALSE)

A security paradigm in responsibilities means, even tiny imperfections in being responsible, can bring forth feelings and situations of vulnerability. Again, these can be painful experiences and will only serve to make us learn to accept our imperfections.

Responsibilities (FALSE) and Vulnerabilities (UPTIGHT)

A security paradigm in vulnerabilities means heavily focused on our own transformation, being insensitive to other’s needs. The lesson here is to be able to accept responsibilities towards others and balance the focus on our own transformation.