Path of Self & Partnerships

The flow of life. The journey that the body goes through. The jobs that we do. The identities that we carry. The story of how life unfolds in relation to who we are.

The other. The transaction. The stage and the audience. The things that cannot be done without a partner. The relationship. The transactional love. The sexuality.

The Interplay

The path of life inspires partnerships, and partnerships bring fulfillment and completes our core being.

As the Primary Polarity Pair

Path of Self (UPTIGHT) and Partnerships (FALSE)

If we are born with our strongest foundation as the path of self, it becomes our security paradigm. We will find the most security in our focus on ourselves, as that is what has given us best results leading up to the present moment. There will be a sense of survivability if the focus is maintained on the path of self. In this case, even partnerships will be based on the security of the path of self, not on the value proposition of the other. But a security paradigm is also a quest for perfection that does not exist. Which means dissatisfaction in the path of self is inevitable and the self will have to learn to embrace the value provided by the other, albeit through painful experiences.

Path of Self (FALSE) and Partnerships (UPTIGHT)

On the other hand, if we are born with our strongest foundation as partnerships, we will find the most security in our dependency on others. So, expect to see failure in partnership issues that drives us to learn the lessons of self-sufficiency and being confident with ourselves. And learning experiences can be hard.