Rationality & Spirituality

A scientific or logical perspective applied to a given situation. Reasoning. Listening. Peer level communication. Experimentation. Hobbies. Nothing too heavy. Practicality. Training.

Parents. Culture. Belief. Religion. Philosophy. Commitment. Marriage. Fortune. Guidance. The greater purpose. Higher self.

The Interplay

It is said that the difference between a human being and a lower animal is the ability to wonder about the meaning of life. Or the purpose of life. This is a spiritual enquiry. This is essentially a rational pursuit. Of course, there is the irrational as well. But the irrational tends to be spurred on by fear or greed, not by a genuine spiritual curiosity. A rational approach initiated by true spiritual interest can take one right up to the doorstep of the objective reality.

As the Primary Polarity Pair

Rationality (UPTIGHT) and Spirituality (FALSE)

An individual with the security paradigm in rationality may be habitually giving knee jerk responses towards spiritual matters, only to realize one fine day that a militant rationality cannot be their savior. This will essentially pitchfork them into a spiritual world.

Besides, it could even be on the level of mundane stuff like having to try something out all the time before trusting something. Well, it will be a hard lesson to learn that faith is not necessarily a bad habit, that sometimes trusting has to precede trying.

Rationality (FALSE) and Spirituality (UPTIGHT)

A security paradigm in spirituality may turn the individual’s spiritual curiosity into an obsession and this could make them abandon rationality and seek irrational means to their ends. At a more mundane level, they could be a little too naive. Believing stuff before testing it out. Of course, their role models may betray them someday. And the individual will learn to balance believing with testing.